The Function of Composite Dental Fillings

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Did you know that every tooth in your smile performs a unique function and has its own needs? For example, because your molars and premolars take on most of the pressure of chewing, they need to maintain their durability. If cavities develop on these back teeth, Dr. Bradley Adkins may recommend an amalgam dental filling to keep the teeth strong and supported. However, what metal fillings offer in durability, they lose in discretion.

If a cavity develops in a highly prominent tooth, you may find that a composite dental filling is the ideal treatment for your smile.

Our dentist mixes powdered glass with acrylic resin to custom create your tooth-colored dental filling, and then shades the material so that it blends well with your teeth. To place a composite filling, this is done a layer at a time, with a curing process taking place in between each layer. For this reason, Dr. Bradley Adkins often recommends that small cavities on visible teeth receive these dental fillings, especially if the teeth don’t undergo a lot of pressure from biting and chewing.

Once we have placed the filling, we help the material blend well and resist staining by performing a polishing. However, stains can still develop if you eat a lot of dark foods or beverages, and regaining the original color may require having the filling polished again. To protect your filling, practice good oral health by brushing twice a day, flossing daily and receiving dental checkups every six months.

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